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The public perception of nursing students

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We all know nursing is a delicate professional, and some might say that nursing is not only a profession but a calling. Therefore, many people have develops various perception on the nursing students in regards to the profession they are about to take up. Some of these perceptions have proven to be true in the long end while others have not.

Here are some of the common perceptions of nursing students. The most common one is that many people are made to believe that you must be a study freak for one to hack it in nursing. This is not entirely true however one has to have the passion for reading. Nursing students are made to read widely therefore you can expect to read quite a lot if you intend to join nursing school. On a lighter note, you do not have to carry a book around with you. Nursing students have free time too as much as many people would think otherwise. The life of nursing students does not always revolve around books one has some free time, however, most time its study time.

The other common perception on nursing students is that one has to be a genius in order to make it in nursing school. This is somewhat a bizarre perception since geniuses are very few. Therefore, this does not mean that everyone in the nursing school is a genius. However, for one to make it in nursing school one has to be smart. The last common perception on nursing students is that nursing is majorly a feminine professional hence an Alfa male character cannot hack it in nursing school. This is both a myth and a perception. Nursing is a profession like any other, and the male gender that are in the nursing schools are not any different or lesser of the other male gender in other professions.

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Tips For Nurses Dealing With Difficult Doctors

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Nurses and physicians might be working colleagues but due to the nature of their work it is important to foster the relationship between these two professionals. Since both individuals are dependable on each other, it is important to ensure that there is a bond between the two. In case, there is a negative or intimidating relationship between these two it can lead to the patients’ lives to be at risk. Communication is also a major issue that bonds these two professions. For instance, a nurse should consult a Physician before carrying out sensitive medical practice to a patient. On the other hand, the physician should also consult the nurse when he wants some help in administering medication to a patient.
 Recent studies have revealed that in case that the relationship between the physician and the nurse is not good there is breakage in communication among the two professionals. This can be detrimental to the health care being administered to the patient and might escalate to death of patients. The interrelationship between the two individuals should, therefore, be spelt out to the nurses and physicians to ensure that each party feels appreciated. In the case of any fall out the issue should be addressed quickly to preventing it from getting out of hand.
 Mutual respect between these two professions has proven in recent studies to be the foundation of a good and lasting relationship between the two. These studies have further revealed that most fall outs between these two professionals have been instigated by the newly graduated professionals in both parties. This reveals that there is a need for these individuals to be mentored from the onset of their professional career to avoid this issue in the future. This will also prevent this issue from becoming worse, which might be detrimental to the health care sector.
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Why are more and more nursing homes filing for bankruptcy?

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Why are more and more nursing homes filing for bankruptcy?

More and more nursing homes are filing for the bankruptcy without any obvious reasons. Their attitudes and such steps create a lot of confusions and questions among the people who really care about the health of their dearer ones. Why are these hospitals taking such steps? Are they financially unstable? Do they find it difficult to meet the demands of the patients? Do they lack the resources? Questions are many. But there is not a single satisfactory answer.

If you will go through the history of the nursing homes that are filing bankruptcy, you will come to know that many of them are financially secure and are able to provide better treatments to their patients. Then what is the reason for taking such steps? The reasons are simple and perhaps unbelievable. They are taking such steps to avoid the impending lawsuits. These lawsuits are filed for their negligent behavior and poor treatment.

Nursing homes and bankruptcy image of whtie clock with word bankruptcyThere is no link between the nursing homes and bankruptcy. Since many of them are doing well and can meet the demands of the patients easily. But the problem is that many nursing homes are going through a complicated legal procedure. Some patients are leaving their nursing homes and going for other health care institutions as they do not find the facilities satisfied. They have complained about the poor facilities, unhygienic environment, and poor food quality. They have filed lawsuits to get an answer from all these hospitals about such incidents and the poor hygienic environment. To avoid these legalities and to protect themselves from any complicated situation, the nursing homes are simply filing bankruptcy. But in reality, many of them are in good condition and are able to provide better treatments.

How can bankruptcy save them from this situation?

The nursing homes want to prove that they do not have the enough resources to provide better facilities to their patients. And for this is the reason only, the patients are leaving the nursing homes with the hope of getting more facilities. They are also blaming other institutions for the poor care and treatment. They are not prepared to accept that all these things are happening due to their negligence and lack of efforts. Instead of trying to improve the conditions of the nursing home, they are declaring bankruptcy to be at the safer side. You can say that this is a defensive act. And they are just trying to protect themselves from the legalities and to avoid any penalty and other punishment.

What is the solution?

There should be a proper investigation to find out the real cause of the bankruptcy. If the condition is really poor and they are unable to offer the required facilities due to the lack of resources then they files should be accepted. Otherwise, they should be asked to go through all the legal procedures and to give a justified reason for such negligence.

Robert Semrad, of the Semrad Law Firm and owner of Chicago-based Debtstoppers has started the Semrad Foundation with the hopes of helping those in underserved populations and the young, as well as the old, to find solutions to problems like these.

We trust the care and facilities of the nursing homes. Hence, they should adopt a proper approach to deal with the patients. They should offe

r the basic facilities and a right treatment instead of blaming the system or others.

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