How to keep your teeth white and healthy!

In order to have perfectly white and healthy teeth is not necessary for you to pay for expensive treatments, or even to use toothpaste. Dentists recommend: Dental care is...

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5 General Health and Dieting Tips That Can Drastically Improve Your Overall Health

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One of the best things that you can do is set a goal for better health. The easiest way to becoming healthier and feeling better overall is through alteration of your diet. It helps to think of your body as a machine. If you put the right fuels and ingredients in, it will function properly. Likewise, if you do the opposite then you will have the opposite result which is poor health. The good news is that even if you have been practicing bad health habits for a long time, you can still get back to good health relatively quick by making some easy tweaks to your diet. Below are five tips for improving your health in 2016.


Tip #1 – Use Natural Sweeteners Instead Of Sugar

The first thing that I recommend doing is eliminating granulated sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Granulated sugar causes massive insulin spikes and high fructose corn syrup usage long-term often leads to kidney stones. Replace these unhealthy sweeteners with natural sweeteners like agave nectar and raw honey.


Tip #2 – Be Choosy About What Meats You Eat 

Red meat contains tons of saturated fat that is both calorie dense and clogs your arteries. Stick with lean meats such as Turkey, chicken, and fish.


Tip #3 – Use Monounsaturated Oils For Cooking and Frying 

Monounsaturated fats do not stick to arteries in the way that saturated fats do. Therefore, they are recommended for cooking and frying foods.


Tip#4 – Ramp Up Green Vegetable Intake 

Studies continually show that increasing green vegetable intake lengthens life span. Green vegetables like broccoli and lettuce contain a potent class of anticancer compounds called phenols.


Tip #5 – Practice Moderation, With Everything

When it comes to improving your diet and thus health, it is important to practice moderation with everything. Every healthy food contains a unique class of beneficial compounds and nutrients. Consistent moderation will produce a well-versed, healthy diet.

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When to See a Sports Chiropractor for a Running Injury

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When to See a Sports Chiropractor for a Running Injury

A Chiropractor is a healthcare professional trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent the complex of Vertebral subluxation or articulate (CSV). What this essentially means is that, that when a vertebra or a joint protrudes from its normal position, the CSV will develop a series of consequences in our body, which eventually will generate discopathies, herniated discs, weakness, muscle spasms, and dysfunctional joints. On this basis, the chiropractor will not only cure your pain, but will also work to boost your health condition through the correction of the CSV and, therefore, get rid of its negative consequences all over the body.

Sports Chiropractic Treatment

When do I approach a Chiropractor?

Runners, cyclists, triathletes and swimmers should report to a sports chiropractor as soon they experience major lesions. Trekking enthusiasts will experience Tendinopathies (in the knees, hips and shoulders), lumbar pains and soft tissue dysfunction due to a malfunctioning joint. In these cases, sessions with multidisciplinary physical therapists and chiropractors will allow athletes to make necessary corrections to their joints so that is a reduced load on the structures that are affected. It is ideal to have two sessions per week, for two or three weeks, to improve the initial pathological situation. It is increasingly normal for athletes who are prone to frequent injuries to visit a sports chiropractor to know the origin of such injuries in order to prevent them in the future. The concomitant work done by a chiropractor, physiotherapist and a sports masseuse, has proven to be very effective for good athletic performance and has lead to a decrease in sports injuries.

How it works

Frequent joint adjustments performed by a sports chiropractor allows structures that form the skeletal system to operate in a perfect alignment, this way the joints suffer less wear and the intervertebral discs and other soft tissues, also receive less impact. To maintain this condition of health, a sports chiropractor eliminates motion restrictions in the skeletal system – be it in arms, legs or in the spine, and then adjusts these misalignments, returning them to their position thus allowing correct operational ability.

Here are some useful facts and tips:

Chiropractic is a very important tool to prevent or minimize the effects that can be produced by an intense work on the muscular and skeletal system. This helps not only to reduce the risk of injury, but also allows the athlete to have a good recovery in optimal conditions to address their training and skills.

  • Visit to your chiropractor before you run into problems, prevention is always better than cure.
  • Consider prevention as a priority factor in his sports practice: once injured the joint,it will be necessary to stop the activities to be.
  • A monthly session with a chiropractor reduces the likelihood of minor problems developing into serious injuries by 60%.
  • Remember that a sports chiropractor also enhances your overall health and performance: do not wait till you get injured for a general consultation.

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How to keep your teeth white and healthy!

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How to keep your teeth white and healthy!

In order to have perfectly white and healthy teeth is not necessary for you to pay for expensive treatments, or even to use toothpaste. Dentists recommend:

Dental care is important not only because a beautiful smile, but it is vital to overall health. The study, published and pointed out on a type of bacteria that causes gum disease, and can even lead to cancer. Scientists have found that this bacterium attacks the parts of the immune system, disrupting its protective role. The bad news is that up to 47 percent of the population has some type of gum disease, however the good news is that there are simple tricks that you can use to protect your teeth.

Experts’ dentistry reveals you advice which they adhere to:

Snack on cheese, avoid fruit

CheeseFew people know that cheese increases the pH value in the mouth, and thus reduces the acidity, which is mainly increasing fast, unhealthy food. What is the acidity in the mouth smaller, the smaller the probability that it will get yellow teeth? In addition, cheese is rich in calcium, which is good for strength and dental health. So next time you feel free to enjoy your favorite cheese and try your best to sink my teeth into it.

Do not rinse after brushing your teeth

Many of us have a habit of washing your teeth washed with water; however, hardly anyone knows that it can lead to tooth decay. Doctor Philip usually said that we should forget to rinse the tooth after washing so we can let protective fluoride from toothpaste to stay on our teeth several hours after washing.

Strawberries whiten your teeth

StrawberriesStrawberries can contribute to your smile becomes brighter. This delicious fruit contains malic acid, which can clean stains from teeth. However, do not overdo it, because strawberries still contain a lot of sugar that is detrimental to the teeth. Unfortunately, other berries have the same effect as bleaching strawberries. In fact, some berries leave stains on the teeth.

Flossing prevents the spread of bacteria

Dental floss should use at least once a day. Not only will you remove residual food between the teeth, but will be released and bacteria that can cause illness teeth. In that way you will mechanically remove plaque.

Do not brush your teeth at least an hour after drinking red wine

People tend to brush their teeth immediately after drinking red wine to avoid stains, but it can be harmful. It can damage your teeth. The wine is acidic, which causes the enamel to soften, to brush your teeth in such a weakened condition is not recommended. Therefore, wait at least an hour after you drink wine or just rinse with water.

Avoid too strong and too frequent brushing teeth

Brushing incorrectly can more damaging than it will help. If your gums are sensitive, forget about strong brushes. That can just make your situation worse. That can cause bleeding of your gums. And at the end whether you use strong or soft brush you have to replace it every few months.

Teeth Care Video 

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